Doofusness; The incumbent sitting Lame Duck American President and the pretend patriots who tickle the media fancy

It’s a vanity issue. For Mr. Trump that means he must satisfy Mr. Hannity, Ms. Coulter and these kind folks:

On Networks and Reporters Desperate for an angle 

Pike Boomdropper came by tonight to invite me to a public meeting. Said the the movers and the shakers in the neighborhood have decided that a body might not be a patriot if they’re not wearin a little lapel on their bib overalls when they go into the tavern to talk real man talk.


Said his wife was setting up a special meeting of the Ladies’ Home Culture Club to draw up a petition for the village of Elk Snout to pass a resolution declaring the Democrats in the House of Representatives a bunch of  Arnold Benedicts to our country cause they aint got no flyin flutterin flag badge of courage on their coats and ain’t buying no dang national mergency .

Mr. Trump is wavin the flag and yellin “WOLF!” as a kind of dog call (ignore the pun) to members of his minority voting block whose IQ test scores were under the margin thereby qualifying them to be Maga-ites.

Ain’t you tired yet of desperate networks with desperate needs pushin the most trivial of topics might earn a buck?

Can you imagine all the cheeks-puffed, red-face pundit/patriots who’ve found more than one way to betray the public seating and groaning about whether or not screamin about a wall makes a fellow patriotic?

I do know that the Republican Party is full of patriots who advocated and voted for war and never served back when they could and who act like scared sissies running from a crowd of angry women.

I do know that some of the biggest chest-pounders for war based on flag-wavin have themselves been unwilling to put their boots where their mouths are.

I don’t watch much TV news anymore. Seems like they announce nothing but trivialities – you know, the mountain groans and labors and gives birth to a mouse


Hail The Irrelevant Broadcast Patriots

Come on fellars, come out of yer hidey holes.